Murders, Missing & Misconduct in Arkansas

Murders, Missing & Misconduct in Arkansas

Murders, Missing & Misconduct in ArkansasMurders, Missing & Misconduct in ArkansasMurders, Missing & Misconduct in Arkansas

Join us as we explore the "not so beautiful or natural" crimes that have taken place over the  Natural state.

Welcome To Murders, Missing, & Misconduct

Murders, Missing & Misconduct: A True Crime Podcast from the Natural State is dedicated to telling the stories from Arkansans by Arkansans. This is a podcast that will dive deep into the less-publicized case files of crime victims and tell their stories from an unbiased perspective.




Though they both live on the outskirts of Tulsa, Oklahoma to date, Melanie & Austen were both born and raised in Arkansas where their roots run deep.  

In the early years the two met at the Private Christian School, though not many words were exchanged between they two of them and there aren’t many teenage stories of them being silly kids together, but that would just depend on which of the two you ask. 

You see, when asking Austen, he can tell you exactly how many free throws Melanie missed during a basket ball game, every time she pulled in or out of that school parking lot in that black 4x4 and every song that she sang along with on the radio while riding the bus to and from basket ball games. 

With that being said, when asking Melanie about Austen she would tell you that her cousin was one lucky girl for snagging the “Studson”. She would go on to say how he never said much, maybe hi or give a head nod here and there should they make eye contact during lunch. Other than that Melanie never noticed Austen paying too much attention to her, as a matter of fact she did feel as if she fit in well with anyone at all at that school, that was until she crossed paths with a girl 2 years her junior. That friendship is one that is still just as strong to this day. (Love you, Miranda). 

Fast forward 20+ years and here we are. Let’s just say Austen is not as shy as he was many years ago and he was finally able to grab Melanie’s attention. Together they have formed and strong friendship and a bond and both are dedicated to Murders, Missing & Misconduct. 

Austin, a logistics specialist for American Airlines, is a kind and gentle old soul whom of which thrives on offering a helping hand and believes in the ways of old. There’s not much that runs by Austen that of which he won’t always find the good hidden deep within. 

Melanie, a nurse with a passion for investigative journalism will make every attempt  to keep things on a professional level while finding out the truth behind each case as well as looking for a positive blessing that could be hidden deep within the most evil situation. She can sometimes let her Italian Redneck side show when topics such as domestic and child abuse are discussed, but this is because these are 2 subjects that she feels very strongly about. 

Austen’s old Christian soul coupled with Melanie’s sometimes hot temper and unrelenting need to always find the truth no matter how gruesome it may be will give listeners an entertaining and detailed account of true crime cases across the state of Arkansas. 

At times there may be some dark humor thrown in the mix but never will there ever be any disrespect or jokes made at the expense of the victims or the families of the victims. 

Only will you find the truth with the occasional opinion of that truth behind each case as seen through the eyes of 2 Arkansans with everyday lives just trying to spread the stories of some of Arkansas’ most heinous, evil and unnecessary crimes that have taken place across the Natural State throughout the years.


Crime happens everyday in all areas of the world. No one ever wants to think brutal crimes could happen in their area,  until it does. Murders, Missing persons and just plain misconduct can happen in any location at any given time. So why do we always hear the same cases in the same locations being covered time and time again? It's certainly not because these crimes aren't being committed. Crimes that happen in more rural and lesser known locations just simply do not get the same amount of media coverage. 

Murders, Missing , & Misconduct is a podcast based out of Arkansas detailing the crimes that have occurred in Arkansas along with discussions regarding the criminals that commit those crimes or have ties with crimes or persons in the Natural State.  

Murders, Missing & Misconduct: A True Crime Podcast for the Natural State will drop weekly episodes detailing cases that can be very graphic in nature. When available, crime scene photos and case documents will be added with each case. 



Jenny Blair

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah but raised in the small town of Toadsuck, Arkansas, Jenny has a knack  for uncovering the required information needed for each case featured on Murders, Missing & Misconduct. Jenny is a long time friend of Melanie as they went to High School together yet neither of the 2 knew they would both have a passion for True Crime.  While Melanie has more of the "social" personality, Jenny is by far a pro when it comes to the technology and has been deemed the hidden "Keyboard Junkie". Whether you meet with up the Social Butterfly, Melanie or find Jenny pounding away at her keyboard deep in the shadows, you are guaranteed to be intrigued by the true crime cases that are sure to grab your attention. 


Are you familiar with an Arkansas crime and would like to have it featured on Murders, Missing & Misconduct?

This is where you go to do so. Simply email those case ideas to Jenny at  and be sure to include your name and where you're from if you would like to get a shout out on the show.

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